Song Of The Day#38-Are We Lost By Morain


I’m so happy that I remembered about this. I mean, not only is the music video awesome, but the song is ten times better.

Morain is a rock band from England that was formed back in 2009. They are a four-man band that released their first EP late September.

Are We Lost is “about losing the of feeling love, feeling you are nothing without it but then thinking about it you realized you only need belief in yourself to make you happy.”-Quote from the band.

My favourite part is:

Oh my golden child
You’ve got a lot to say
When you’re not okay
And oh my armoured brigade
You’re coming to save the day
In one or more ways

You can listen to Are We Lost here.

You can get A free and legal download here.

Song Of The Day#36-Cut Me Out By Crowds

This band has a cool sound to them. They remind me of bands from like the 80’s or 90’s. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been listening to this song everyday for the past week.

Crowds is a rock band from Leeds, UK. They are a three-man band formed in 2012. Currently, they have one EP out.

Cut Me Out is a song about wondering where someone was when you needed them and how it’s too late. They can’t help you now.

My favourite part is:

Where were you when they cut me out?

Where were you when they cut me down?

Where were you when they cut me out?

And I carry on running till they got to me, now you’re never gonna take that away from me.


You can get a FREE and LEGAL download (with lyrics) of this song here.