Song Of The Day#23-She’s On my Arm Now By The Cinema

Free music led me to this duo. This easy-paced, poppy tune with catchy lyrics is a must-listen to. Also, Leighton Antelman sings (Vocalist for Lydia).

The Cinema is a pop/indie duo from Atlanta, Georgia and Gilbert, Arizona. Leighton Antelman and Mat Malpass started this project in 2009. She’s On My Arm Now is off of their first album, My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes which came out October 13, 2011.

She’s On My Arm Now by The Cinema is a song about getting the girl and celebrating by going to mexico and “Burning shit down.” Also about rubbing this fact in her ex boyfriend’s face about how he scored the girl and the ex lost her.

My favourite part is:

Cause she’s on my arm now
And we’re burning shit down
So take what you need out
And take it all
Cause everyone believes
In what they cannot see
But if that makes you happy
Then we can wake up

You can listen to She’s On My Arm Now by The Cinema Here.

Lyrics are Here.

Song Of The Day#4-Not Afraid Ft.Leighton Antelman By Matthew Hyland

From the tour EP by him. This is Matthew Hyland’s solo project and this song is really good. what drew me in even more was that Leighton was in it as well. Matthew Hyland is an austrailian muscian that has been touring with Lydia with his brother, Justin Hyland.

This song is about not being being of your feelings toward someone you care about.

My favourite part is:

I’ve got a feeling and i just can’t turn it off
I could never leave her in someone elses eyes
I could never ever ever get this right
Oh now look what i’ve done here, no longer afraid
oh now look what we’ve done here, we’re not afraid
I’ve got a feeling and i just can’t turn it off
And thats my choice

You can listen to Not Afraid By Matthew Hyland Here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.