Song Of The Day#34-Gril I Used To Know By Love and Satellites

Wow, great band. I like how the lead vocalist sings the chorus because he stretches out the word, way. This poppy tune is adorable and I find myself constantly abusing the repeat button because of this song.

Love & Satellites is an indie-pop band from Australia. They formed in 2011 and are a five-guy band. Currently, they have out only one single.

Girl I Used To Know is a song about the girl who changed your life forever and how love hurts but its okay. So beautiful.

My favourite part is:

Is it the way she moves, the way she smiles,
The way nothing compares,
You’ve got me running round in circles,
Maybe I don’t even care,
Cause I will spend a lifetime,
waiting for the girl I used to know,
So I took my time and thought about it,
I don’t want you to go, right now.

You can listen to Girl I used To Know here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download with lyrics below here.