Song Of The Day#3-No Light, No Light By Florence And The Machine

I first listened to a part of this song while watching a trailer for Degrassi on MuchMusic. After watching the trailer I was intrigued and had to find out what song it was. Florence And The Machine are an English indie pop band that is very well know. This song is off of their second album, Ceremonials.It’s fast paced and catchy, with a tune that makes me want to jump up and start dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, I am one of those teenagers who dances to music just because.

This song is generally about realizing something about someone you’ve never knew before. It’s about being in love with them while a little scared of them as well.

My favourite part is:

You are the nighttime fear

You are the morning when it’s clear

When it’s over, you’re the start

You’re my head and you’re my heart

You can listen to No Light, No Light By Florence And The Machine Here.

lyrics are Here.