Song Of The Day#25-I’m Sorry By The Maine




My favourite band of all time. This song has to be one of my favourite songs out of all of their songs because it’s just so good and the lyrics are so easy to sing to without it feeling like I’m forcefully singing. Everyone, just go listen to every song on Pioneer by The Maine because I love all those songs. Now anyway.

The Maine  is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Formed in 2007. The band was founded by Pat Kirch (drummer) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bassist) when they were still in high school. Even though they’re from Arizona, the name Maine comes from a song by a very respected band called, Ivory. They got their name from their song, The Coast Of Maine great song as well). The Maine have 3 EPs and 3 albums out. Their fourth EP, Good Love, will be for sale on Tuesday (tomorrow). I’m Sorry is off of the maine’s third album, Pioneer.

I’m Sorry is a song about fucking up a lot and needing someone to be there for you. And its the same person every time, no matter how many times you’ve screwed that person over, they’re still there for you. It’s about needing to clean up your act and be a better person to them instead of the shitty one you’ve been for so long.

My favourite part is:

I’m sorry,

I’m not what you wanted.

I’m sorry,

I’m sorry I let you down.

I could use some poor excuse,

cause the hardest thing to say,

Oh, it’s the hardest thing to say in the world

is I’m sorry.

You can listen to I’m Sorry by The Maine Here.

Lyrics are Here.

You can also listen to Coast Of Maine By Ivory Here.

Lyrics are Here.

Pioneer By The Maine

 I’m going to review music the same way that I review books (because I’m lazy).

4.8/5 The Maine is my favourite band and I love them to death. This album is tied with ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ by them.

The Maine is a punk/pop/rock band from Tempe Arizona. The band have been together and playing music for over 5 years now. They have three albums out-can’t stop won’t stop,black and white, and their lastest album-pioneer. They also have many EPs and have won a few awards. The band members are-John O’Callaghan (vocals), Jared Monaco (lead guitarist), Kennedy Brock (back up guitarist), Garrett Nickelsen (bass), and Pat Kirch (drums).

I never, ever, ever, ever liked Some Days. I disliked that song a lot, it was the only song that I did not like on this album. But it wasn’t until I saw them in concert and they played that song that I finally loved it. After almost 6 months of skipping this song, I still knew every word to the song and screamed my heart out at their Pioneer north America tour. I also don’t like the cover, the man looks odd to me and creeps me out. I wish they went with something more attractive like the meaning and photograph they did for Black and White.

To this day, I love every song on this album, I love how it makes me want to dance and go wild like those people you see on TV dance when they truly don’t care about anything anymore. This whole album is about facing the things you fear and owning up to what you did wrong. I love the message of this and the new direction they chose to go with this. My favourite songs on this would have to be Misery, I’m Sorry, and Thinking of You. I cannot wait for them to release more music for the whole world to fall in love with because their music is all about having fun and realizing that times are hard and how ‘some days, they just feel like razorblades’. I would recommend this Album to anyone who likes All time low, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, You me At Six, and Sleeping With Sirens.