Song Of The Day#56-Beautiful Soul by Noelle Johnson


What a fun song that makes me think about blue skies, sunny days, and happiness. So all around just a very happy day. Even without the lyrics, the song is just too hard to resist with its fast pace notes and sweet melodies.

Noelle Johnson is a folk/indie singer/ songwriter. Beautiful Soul is her first EP that is realised.

My favourite part is:

why are you spending all your time on it
Worrying about things, things that they say to you
You are not too big, and you’re not the ugly little thing
That you think you see across from you in the mirror
Love yourself and it will be one small step, but one giant leap
For woman kind

you can listen to Beautiful Soul and get a free download here.

Song Of The Day#2-Run By Daughter

I stumbled upon Daughter by accident. I meant to choose a song by Lydia but clicked on, Youth by Daughter (which is a great song as well). Daughter is a folk/indie band from England that now have two EPs out.

Run by Daughter is generally about a couple running away. Hence the title, ‘run’. It’s also about suicide and heartbreak about a broken man with ‘horrible dreams’.

My favourite part is:

We don’t want to be seen
No, this is suicide
You can’t see the ropes
And I won’t tell my mother
It’s better she don’t know
And he won’t tell his folks
‘Cause they’re already ghosts

At just 21, Daughter has created songs that are filled with tales of heartbreak and death that are sung in a sweet, soft tune. Run is on the Demo EP that isn’t on Itunes.

You can listen to Run by Daughter with lyrics on screen Here

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here