Song of the Week#1-Say Hello by Alexander (The Bonus Edition)

song of the weekA few months ago, I just randomly stopped posting “Song of the Day” mostly because it became difficult to find good, free music for every even day. So, instead of doing a daily meme for songs, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly meme that’s for the most part the same except each week there will be a different ‘edition’ and not every other week will have a free download. But to start off this new Song Of The Week, do have a free download for you guys!

Alexander (Uk) - Say Hello Single ArtworkHailing from Newcastle, Indie Rock 4 piece ‘Alexander’ are releasing their debut album ‘Say Hello’ in early 2013 on I Am Mighty Records. The band have been creating a buzz across the UK already. The first single ‘You Lost Youself’ taken from the record is out now, with a beautiful acoustic version of the song as a B-side. Taking influence from the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Futures and Two Door Cinema Club, ‘Alexander’ are bringing a punchy and appealing sound to the indie UK music scene.

A few months ago, I reviewed this album and I really liked it. Alexander has finally gotten a music video out for their song, Say Hello and the music video is awesome. 

“The song is about getting away from something that is really dragging you down, finding something fresh and just feeling great, even if it’s just for a week. The video is about being open and just smiling at people saying hello, it’s a message for people to just let everything go and be happy and open. The star signs which are featured on the bottom of each sign, are a symbol of who we are and it’s metaphor to show we are opening up to people”-From the band.

My favourite part is:

I never thought that for a moment that I could believe
There is a better way out for me
Yet the best thing about this
Is that there’s nothing to breathe down my neck
While I’m trying trying, to figure my head out


You can watch the music video for Say Hello here.

Lyrics are here.


Lower Lands has a new EP out that’s free! If you’re a fan of Twin Atlantic, You Me At Six, and We Are The Ocean then you will like this EP! I like this EP especially Wasted Youth.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download here.

Song Of The Day#50-Grey Eyes By Raveena Aurora


Raveena Aurora is a folky-pop singer/songwriter with a sweet voice, dark undertones and playful lyrics.She’s an eighteen year old who knows what she wants in the world. Grey Eyes is her first single on Itunes.

My favourite part is:

You are a sea
Of grey and green

We lie and leap
In and between

Those grey eyes
Grey eyes
Grey eyes

Give me the key
To the underneath

you can listen to Grey Eyes and get a free download of the song here.

Song Of The Day#34-Gril I Used To Know By Love and Satellites

Wow, great band. I like how the lead vocalist sings the chorus because he stretches out the word, way. This poppy tune is adorable and I find myself constantly abusing the repeat button because of this song.

Love & Satellites is an indie-pop band from Australia. They formed in 2011 and are a five-guy band. Currently, they have out only one single.

Girl I Used To Know is a song about the girl who changed your life forever and how love hurts but its okay. So beautiful.

My favourite part is:

Is it the way she moves, the way she smiles,
The way nothing compares,
You’ve got me running round in circles,
Maybe I don’t even care,
Cause I will spend a lifetime,
waiting for the girl I used to know,
So I took my time and thought about it,
I don’t want you to go, right now.

You can listen to Girl I used To Know here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download with lyrics below here.

Song Of The Day#10-Summer In The City By Freedom Fry

I feel really bad that this has taken me such a long time to post! But I’ve been so busy getting ready for school and trying to fit in being a regular teenagers (hanging out with friends, eating everything, going to parties, etc.) But I’m glad to say that I have a bunch of songs that have been stuck in my head for a while.

I actually listened to this song earlier this week when my friend forced me to listen to it. He always knows a good song that I will love any time of the day, it was only fate that I was at his house when I listened to it.

Freedom Fry is made up of two people-Parisian Marie Seyrat and New Yorker Bruce Driscoll. They have an album called, Earthquake that came out earlier this year and was a hit. 

Summer In The City is a song about having fun and that summer only comes around once a year so you might as well do whatever the hell you want to do. Screw what everybody says. You deserve to have fun and have  a great, bright summer instead of a dull, grey one. It reminds of how much fun it is not ‘living up to any expectations’. 

My favourite part is:

I won’t live up to any expectations 
What you see is what you get 
And worse yet I can’t give an explanation 
For why it’s gray on your side 
But from me the sun can’t hide

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are Here.