Sassy Girl, Swoony God Tourney Post#1


This is a tournament for the sequel to  My Ex From Hell that’s hosted by Tellulah Darling in a fun way to include readers as well as publicize the book! My Date From Hell is coming out October 31! So before it comes out, go buy the first one here!

“So for this week’s challenge, tourney participants get to make a playlist. This might be my favourite of all the challenges because my friends and I used to make playlists for each other all the time. Except we called them mixed tapes. And believe me, there is an art to making a good one.

What exactly would Sophie tell Kai through musical subtext? Or not so sub.

Our sassy players will post the playlist name, song titles and artist names and their own race name in the reply section of this week’s post.”-Tellulah Darling

Okay! So you heard/read what she said! It’s time to make an awesome playlist that reflects Sophie and Kai’s relationship and I think that I have made a great one. The playlist is in NO type of order because I’m really lazy but I think it describes their roller coaster like relationship!

It’s Kind of a Funny Story Playlist

1. Peach by The Front Bottoms
2. King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles
3. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
4. No One Does it Better by You Me At Six
5. If I Were A Boy by Beyoncé
6. Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects
7. Happily Ever After by He IS We
8. Bite My Tongue by You Me At Six

Pretty good, right? Fingers cross I get their relationship right! I still need to read the second one! The next challenge will be up on her blog tomorrow and my entry will be posted on Sundays. Have a great week, everyone!

Album Review: Devil by Lydia

Lydia-Devil-200x200Devil by Lydia

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Indie/Pop/rock

Release Date: March 19, 2013

Songs: 10
Devil - Lydia

Lydia is an indie rock pop band from Gilbert, Arizona that was formed in 2003. In 2010, the band took a year-long hiatus. Lydia has released five albums-This December, it’s one more and I’m free, Illuminate, Assailants, Paint it golden, and Devil.  Current band members are-Leighton Antelman (Vocals),  Justin Camacho (Guitar) Matt Keller (Keyboard), and Craig Taylor (drums, percussions). They are also, currently ON TOUR SO GO BUY TICKETS.

(My Opinion)

Lydia’s approach to music this time around leans more towards new territory. Comparing this album to their others, it’s evident that they are  branching out towards lighter, more playful music. Although it’s still clear that Hailey is still (and might always be) the inspiration for some of these songs, there seems to be a more vague sense of romance. Nonetheless, I love this album and I cannot wait for them to come to Toronto. And believe me when I say that you need this album on ‘favourites’ list.

Almost every song is amazing, blown-away worthy songs. And although I love their music and most likely always will, Lydia has added a few irritating things to their sound. One of these things is the whole, “oh woah woah oh oh’ bit. I’ll admit, for some songs, like, Knee Deep and The Exit  it helps and adds to it but for most songs it seems too over-used and forced and leaves me feeling annoyed. This is the case with, Runaway and Hurry Back Tonight. At first, I didn’t mind it but after two minutes of the very repetitive, “oh woah woah”  and, “come on, come on” I had to change it before my head exploded.

Now, onto the Happier parts of the album! Lydia is known for their exquisite talents of painting lovely, delicate, (yet somewhat a little dark) pictures with lyrics about romance, in songs From A Tire Swing, and Hurry Back Tonight,  battling your inner demons in Devil and Knee Deep as well as, of course, learning your shit like in Holidays. An example of the lovely pictures they can pain is with Back To Bed and how I literally feel like getting back to bed with my girlfriend and sleeping for days at a time. It’s a song that is full of playfulness and love with a hint of adventure.  The Exit, Devil, Take Your Time, Holidays, and From A Tire Swing start off with soft, mellowed out intros that work their way into a fast pace and into their listener’s soul.

Everything blends into each other, the guitars and bass compliment the vocals and the drums don’t over power the sound. At some point in Take Your Time  I fall in love with the guitarist and the unique sounds that Justin Camacho plays. I adore Lydia which is why I buy their music without having to listen to it first.

As always, a beautiful album made by a talented band. You don’t need to listen to their old stuff to truly appreciate their music and unique sound. I love all these songs but I keep getting Devil, Back To Bed, Holidays, and From A Tire Swing stuck in my head (which is fine by me). I would definitely say that these are my favourite songs and I recommend this album to everyone. Whether you mostly just listen to rap, pop, indie, punk, etc. Lydia will somehow touch your heart.

4.5 Beautiful Treble Clefs
4.5 Beautiful Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album

1. The Exit-3:37

2. Runaway-3:10

3. Knee Deep-2:55

4. Devil-3:58

5. Back To Bed-3:17

6. Holidays -3:38

7. Hurry Back Tonight 3:59

8. Now I Know 1:39

9. Take Your Time-3:24

10. From A Tire Swing-3:26

Favourite Album Lyrics Of The Week#2


My favourite lyrics from the albums that I’ve listened to during the week.

My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes By The Cinema

The_Cinema_-_My_Blood_Is_Full_of_Airplanes Favourite Lyrics:

1. I got a mess on my hands from the process,

we leave tomorrow cause I needed to solve this

we got all of the world at our fingers,

you got a pretty little face and features

so we’ll call every place we go, home

(Taken from ‘Banker’)

2. And Then I had this dream I was fast as lightning,
flying in a suitcase over these islands?
But this time I’m not wakin’ up

Get it right this time,
I’m throwing lassos at the sky
Catching moments as big as my eyes,
Intoxicating like, like we’re on a gold mine
Get it right this time,
I’m throwing islands at your eyes
That’s right you got me practicing lies,
Intoxicating like, like we’re on a gold mine
(Taken from ‘My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes’)

3. Cause everyone believes
In what they cannot see
But if that makes you happy
Then we can wake up
(Taken from ‘She’s On My Arm Now’)

Aim and Ignite By Fun. 

220px-Funaimandignite Favourite Lyrics:

1. I don’t keep friends,I keep acquainted,
I’m not a prophet, But I’m here to profit.

That’s all, I’m gone! That’s my life, Nothing is sacred.
I don’t fall in love, I just fake it.
(Taken from ‘At Least I’m Not Sad (As I Used To Be’)

2. Hearts do break
and I must admit
I found a verse and a chorus
so I might have been faking it.
Think I really only cried just once.

(Taken from ‘Walking The Dog’)

Favourite Album Lyrics Of The Week#1


A New Meme to go with Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week! This one will focus on my favourite lyrics from the albums that I’ve listened to during the week.

Brothers By The Black keys

The_Black_Keys_-_BrothersFavourite Lyrics:

1. I got a tortured mind
And my blade is sharp
A bad combination in the dark
If I kill a man in the first degree
Baby would you flee with me?

A sinister kid is a kid who runs to meet his maker
A drop that spreads from the day he’s born
Straight into his maker’s arms
That’s me, that’s me
The boy with the broken halo
That’s me, that’s me
The devil won’t let me be

(Lyrics from Sinister Kid)

2. She was made to blow you away She don’t care what any man say Well, you can watch her strut But keep your mouth shut Or it’s ruination day
(Lyrics from She’s Long Gone)

Indigo By Never Shout Never

UtCO9 Favourite Lyrics:

1.I’ve been caught at the scene of the crime.
I’m in love with a woman,
But the woman’s not mine.

She’s tied the knot with an acquaintance.
I’m doing my best to be patient.

I wrote her a song but she wasn’t impressed.
She’s nonchalant but she’s so well dressed.

(Lyrics from Sorry)


Carousel By Her & Gold

a0b4cce9ecf9c7019ba1386fca4b605e49dc98dc Favourite Lyrics:


1. Don’t be shy, I’ve got time.

(Lyrics from Happy)

2. Adolescents learning lessons in growing up
We never looked behind us to see how much we fucked up
We lost our heads instead
(Lyrics from Carousel)

3. Bright eyes to the sky
Brave enough to fly
Fear can’t find you if there’s love inside
(lyrics from Take The Lead)