Song Of The Day#58-Hello My Old Heart By The Oh Hello’s


To be honest, I haven’t listened to this song in about a week. But I thought that it was a good song that people will enjoy.

“The Oh Hellos are Maggie and Tyler Heath, intentionally-independent self-produced music-making siblings hailing from the great state of Texas.”-Taken from the band’s bandpage.

Hello My Old Heart is very much a folk kind of song about seeing your ‘old heart’ again which is pretty much your old love. 

My favourite part is:

nothing lasts forever
some things aren’t meant to be
but you’ll never find the answer
until you set your old heart free

you can listen and get a free and legal download here.

Song Of The Day#40-Maybe I Fell Into It By The Background

Honest to God, first time I heard The Background, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “Holy shit they sound like Never Shout Never!” It’s amazing because I love Never Shout Never and Maybe I Fell Into It is adorable and such a laid back song.

The Background an indie band based out of Dallas, Texas. They are a five-man band that have been playing music for a while actually. They came out with new music in 2011 called, Your Friends.

Maybe I Fell Into It is a song about love and finding out what it is wrapped into an acoustic bundle of joy.

My favourite part is:

What is love?

I’m scared to find out what it is.

What is love?

I don’t know what it is.


You can listen to Maybe I fell Into It here.


Song Of The Day#20-Family Ties By Foxhunt

There is no doubt that listening to this song shows that this band has a lot of potential. They followed me on twitter and I was intrigued by the name and the cover art is beautiful. This is a good song, it’s fast paced and the melody is great. The vocalist in Foxhunt is a wonder since he can sing high notes beautifully and then there’s one part where I sort of cringe (A very tiny one).

Foxhunt is a new band that recently came out with their first singles late August of this year. Since they’re a new band, there isn’t much that I can tell about them. They are a three-guy band from Denton, Texas. Band members are Hunter Fitch, Garrett Metzger,  and Alex Hernandez.

Family Ties is a catchy song that after just two replays I felt like I could sing along to it. I think this song is about just family and how even though life gets tough and shit happens, you’ll always have family by you side. I’m sorry, I can’t find lyrics for this song.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

If you want to see the singe cover art click Here.