Album Review: Postcards by Somnous

avatars-000035889178-o6srsq-t200x200Postcards by Somnous

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Release Date: June 15, 2012

Songs: 6
Postcards - EP - Somnous

Somnous is a rapper/hip hop artist from Milwaukee Wisconsin  His real name is Sean Rogers and has been writing music for a long time now. Postcards is a collaboration with The Cinema and also his début album.

First of all, I would like to thank the Somnous (Sean Roger) for giving me this album to review. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! All right, now for my review.


(My Opinion)

I don’t normally listen to rap or hip hop because I have such a hard time focusing on songs that generally have the same words and beat as  all of the rest. But there are some exceptions like, Thrift Shop and Mercy that I have an insane need to listen to every time they play on my Ipod. This same urge happens to me when I listen to this album. Although it still has that same, typical rap façade going on in, Here We Go with too much repetition and the main topic rappers like to rap about in their music, there are still things that keeps Postcards by Somnous different from the rest.

I like the use of techno in songs as much as the next person but in, Here We Go, there’s so many different sounds that it’s almost impossible to focus on just one. Because of the different types of techno being used, instead of sounding like one song, it sounds like there are multiple songs playing at the same time, trying to get my attention. For songs like, Rearview and Take Your Places, there’s an echo that really takes away from the songs as well. It sounds all right in Beautiful but for some reason not in the other two. Another thing I don’t like about the album is that the songs have, for the most part, the same song structure and tone. Even though a couple of songs do have bridges, I wish that they were different.

What I love about this is that it’s not entirely directed towards one audience. The fact that Somnous decided to collaborate with The Cinema proves that not only rap and hip hop lovers will enjoy this. Many people will, like pop and indie lovers and maybe even people who like pop punk too. Another thing I enjoy is his voice. Most rappers speak extremely fast and sometimes incoherently which is not the case with Somnous. He raps and sings at a smooth pace that is understandable and enjoyable. The Cinema compliments the direction Somnous is going with. Leighton’s voice is opposite of Somnous’s and they both easily bring out each others’ voices especially in Beautiful where the duet is smooth and sweet.

Postcards by Somnous has a way of staying in your head even after you’ve changed the song. With my favourite songs being, Beautiful, and Somewhere, Someday, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something new and a bit different from the average rap scene.

3.5 Treble Clefs
3.5 Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to them!)

1. Beautiful (clean)

2. Here We Go*

3. Beautiful (explicit)-3:45

4. Take Your Places-4:01

5. RearView*

6. Somehow, Someday-3:59

*Song couldn’t be found on YouTube. Sorry.

Favourite Album Lyrics Of The Week#2


My favourite lyrics from the albums that I’ve listened to during the week.

My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes By The Cinema

The_Cinema_-_My_Blood_Is_Full_of_Airplanes Favourite Lyrics:

1. I got a mess on my hands from the process,

we leave tomorrow cause I needed to solve this

we got all of the world at our fingers,

you got a pretty little face and features

so we’ll call every place we go, home

(Taken from ‘Banker’)

2. And Then I had this dream I was fast as lightning,
flying in a suitcase over these islands?
But this time I’m not wakin’ up

Get it right this time,
I’m throwing lassos at the sky
Catching moments as big as my eyes,
Intoxicating like, like we’re on a gold mine
Get it right this time,
I’m throwing islands at your eyes
That’s right you got me practicing lies,
Intoxicating like, like we’re on a gold mine
(Taken from ‘My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes’)

3. Cause everyone believes
In what they cannot see
But if that makes you happy
Then we can wake up
(Taken from ‘She’s On My Arm Now’)

Aim and Ignite By Fun. 

220px-Funaimandignite Favourite Lyrics:

1. I don’t keep friends,I keep acquainted,
I’m not a prophet, But I’m here to profit.

That’s all, I’m gone! That’s my life, Nothing is sacred.
I don’t fall in love, I just fake it.
(Taken from ‘At Least I’m Not Sad (As I Used To Be’)

2. Hearts do break
and I must admit
I found a verse and a chorus
so I might have been faking it.
Think I really only cried just once.

(Taken from ‘Walking The Dog’)

Song Of The Day#23-She’s On my Arm Now By The Cinema

Free music led me to this duo. This easy-paced, poppy tune with catchy lyrics is a must-listen to. Also, Leighton Antelman sings (Vocalist for Lydia).

The Cinema is a pop/indie duo from Atlanta, Georgia and Gilbert, Arizona. Leighton Antelman and Mat Malpass started this project in 2009. She’s On My Arm Now is off of their first album, My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes which came out October 13, 2011.

She’s On My Arm Now by The Cinema is a song about getting the girl and celebrating by going to mexico and “Burning shit down.” Also about rubbing this fact in her ex boyfriend’s face about how he scored the girl and the ex lost her.

My favourite part is:

Cause she’s on my arm now
And we’re burning shit down
So take what you need out
And take it all
Cause everyone believes
In what they cannot see
But if that makes you happy
Then we can wake up

You can listen to She’s On My Arm Now by The Cinema Here.

Lyrics are Here.

Song Of The Day#4-Not Afraid Ft.Leighton Antelman By Matthew Hyland

From the tour EP by him. This is Matthew Hyland’s solo project and this song is really good. what drew me in even more was that Leighton was in it as well. Matthew Hyland is an austrailian muscian that has been touring with Lydia with his brother, Justin Hyland.

This song is about not being being of your feelings toward someone you care about.

My favourite part is:

I’ve got a feeling and i just can’t turn it off
I could never leave her in someone elses eyes
I could never ever ever get this right
Oh now look what i’ve done here, no longer afraid
oh now look what we’ve done here, we’re not afraid
I’ve got a feeling and i just can’t turn it off
And thats my choice

You can listen to Not Afraid By Matthew Hyland Here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.