‘The Best After Ever’…I Mean ‘Someone Else’s Summer’ By Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is coming out with a new book and I am overly excited and cannot wait to read it! But what’s making me really nervous is that she’s changing the title a lot. I don’t mean to sound petty and annoying over a title, but usually once there is a title that is chosen and you release it to the public for everyone to see, then that means that will be the title of the book.

This has actually been keeping me up at night and it bothers the shit out of me. I really did like her first title a lot more than her second title (which is also good but sounds like it’s for her next-next upcoming novel). I just hope that she won’t change it again once I (hopefully) get used to this new title.

The first one that I liked is ‘The Best After Ever’.

The second title is “Someone Else’s Summer’.

Which one do you like best?