Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#9

A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week.

Before I Die By Jenny Downham

 Favourite Quote: I love you. I love you. I send this message through my fingers and into his, up his arm and into his heart. Hear me. I love you. And I’m sorry to leave you.

The Unwritten Rule By Elizabeth Scott

 Favourite Quote: There are a million rules for being a girl. There are a million things you have to do to get through each day. High school has things that can trip you up, ruin you, people say one thing and mean another, and you have to know all the rules, you have to know what you can and can’t do.

Six Rules Of Maybe By Deb Caletti

  Favourite Quote: I shouldn’t have to be a liar to make someone love me. I shouldn’t be so afraid of losing someone that I’ll do anything to make them stay.