Song Of The Day#5-Hold On By Go Radio

If you listen to Mayday Parade (another band) and you compare their albums, A Lesson In Romantics and Anywhere But Here, you’ll notice that in A Lesson In Romantics there are two lead singers. In Anywhere but here there is only one. I found out about Go Radio from checking out their Wiki page where it told me Jason Lancaster (one of the lead singers in MP) left Mayday Parade because of some issues with them and started his own band, Go Radio.

Hold On is off of Go Radio’s first full length album called Lucky Street. They’re recording their second album now called Close The Distance due out September 18th of this year.

The song, Hold On is just that. It’s about how tough life is and how we should be grateful for what we have no matter what because, in fact, we all are very lucky. Jason Lancaster is one of those guys who can write an amazing song full of meaning and about his life yet make it easy for other people to relate to as well.

My favourite part is :

Things in life well they could’ve been easier
And let’s make sure we fought for all that we leave with
And lessons we’re taught make sure we believe them
And promises kept all turn into secrets we’ll keep to our graves
Get down on your knees when
You feel sure the path ahead is about to end
You can never stop or you don’t exist
If you’ve walked your shoes away
Then just stop here awhile and just sit here with me and just hold on

You can listen to Hold On By Go Radio Here

Lyrics are Here

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